Practice Fusion Subscription Cost

As you’ve heard, Practice Fusion has moved to a paid subscription model that will start on June 1st, 2018.  Here are the basics of how it works, plus the new features being released.

Monthly cost:

$99/Clinician (with a 1 year commitment)


  • Each subscription will be issued 1 clinician license. You will manually assign this license in your dashboard to a Clinician.  It will be tied to their NPI number.
  • All other users in your EHR are free.
  • Licenses have no relationship to Edit Levels (i.e. staff can still be assigned NP/PA or Physician Edit Levels)
  • With each license purchase, 3 “secondary” licenses are issued. Secondary licenses can be assigned to specific staff members that will have special access to sign chart notes and sign documents.  (ie. These staff won’t need to use a provider’s login for these functions)
  • Only users with assigned Clinician licenses can perform certain tasks like ePrescribing, refills, be assigned to inbound diagnostic results, utilize the MIPS dashboard, etc. (ie. Staff will continue have to use the provider’s login if you allow this in your practice).

 New Features:

  • EPCS – ePrescribing of Controlled Substances
  • 2018 MU/MIPS and eCQM Dashboards
  • Configurable Encounter Types in Chart Notes
  • eCQM enhancements to metrics and results
  • New Patient List report search categories

 Upcoming Features:

  • MIPS QCDR Reporting
  • Chart co-signing
  • Delete Custom Document Types
  • Pinned Notes (custom patient alerts)
  • SIA data viewable in patient summary
  • Enhanced workflows for Electronic Prior Authorizations

Practice Fusion states that the money from subscriptions will be used to allow them to accelerate development of new features and services.

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