Your time is priceless to you and your patients.  Your time is worth hundreds of dollars per hour to your business.

Somewhere in the EMR equation, this concept was lost, and you became your own secretary, spending hours a day in front of a computer.

Watch the 90 second video below for a quick understanding of the best solution, and learn how to get back to doing what matters.


How It Works:

  • You dictate your note (average dictation time is under 2 minutes)
  • We log in to your Practice Fusion EMR and do ALL of your charting based on your dictation.
  • You sign your completed note, the next business day or sooner.
  • You can continue to use templates, which saves you time and money.
  • Our users do not require licenses or add any cost to your Practice Fusion subscription.



The Business Case

  1. If we can save you 2 hours a day and your time is billed at $200 per hour, we're giving you back up to $2K in billable time per week.
  2. If you hire a full-time Scribe for $15/hour,  that's $600 per week that you won't pay with our service.
  3. Our average cost per provider is just $325 per month, nationwide, across all specialties.
  4. If we give you back 10 more hours per week of your time, or save you the cost of a scribe, is that a fair price?  Our customers think so (see reviews below).

The Business Case

  • What's your time worth on an hourly basis?
  • How many hours do you spend trying to complete your charts?
  • Losing personal time?  What's that worth to you?
  • Do the math, and you will see that we are the best value by far.
  • We are a fraction of the cost of using in-house staff.



The LAST thing you should be doing is this type of data-entry yourself. Instead, spend a minute or two dictating the information in the chart, and a professional medical transcriptionist who is an expert at navigating your EMR will get your charting done.  You simply review and sign the note, the next business day or sooner.


Our average cost per provider, nationwide, is just $325 per month.  Far cheaper than full-time scribes (in house or remote).  76% of our customers pay between $200 and $500 per month.

The cost is based on the length of your note.  The longer the note, the higher the cost.  You can alleviate some of the cost by using templates.  We insert them for you and you dictate only the items that need changing (think positive items on a Review of System, Physical Exam, etc.).  We don't count the full text of the template toward the length of your note, so you save money and still get the speed advantage of using templates.

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Dictation is the fastest way for YOU to get the charting done. Once you've dictated, you're done. We do the rest. You just sign the note after we chart it for you.

You dictate in your normal conversational voice, which is 200 words per minute.  This is probably 5 times than you can type and 2 to 3 times faster than you can use Voice Recognition programs.

Time is money.  Your billable time is the highest dollar value commodity in your practice.  Several studies are published on the amount of time physicians are spending in front of the EMR and the numbers are breathtaking when you convert them to dollars.
EMRs are beneficial in many areas, including increasing patient safety, and aggregation of clinical data to improve research. But technology is such that there is no way around the data-entry problem. Charting is 50% free-texting and 50% data-entry (clicking, opening windows, filling out medication forms, etc.).  The EMR developers understand this, so they have spent a lot of money marketing on how easy it is to sit down and chart.  Of course, they are evading the point.  It isn't about how easy it is, it's about how much time it takes.
If you bill $200/hour, every minute you spend in front of the EMR costs your business $3.33.  If we can save you an average of 8 minutes per chart vs. doing it yourself, that's a savings of $26.64, PER PATIENT.  Time is money.  What's yours worth?
If you have hired a Scribe to do your charting for you, that's a great solution, your charts are done immediately, but it comes with two issues.  1) Scribes are expensive, usually full-time employees with all the associated costs.  2) You bring a stranger into the room with each patient, which impacts the patient in obvious ways.  If you pay your scribe $15/hour, your monthly cost for charting is $2600, per provider (before taxes and benefits). Our average monthly cost is only $325 per provider.  Our medical transcribers have more experience and medical language training than the vast majority of Scribes.

Yes, we encourage it. Call for us to insert a template and the transcriber clicks it in and then you only need to dictate any changes. This makes it faster for you AND it saves you money (see "How much does it cost?" above).

No term commitments required...ever

Same Day Startup available. 

We chart for more Practice Fusion doctors and N.P.s than in any other EMR.  We're the experts.

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