EMR Burnout – How to solve it without going broke

In the article below, the Dean of Stanford University Medical School discusses the growing instance of burnout among practitioners, largely due to the amount of time and effort needed to document in the EMR.  Towards the end he mentions having to hire a full-time med tech or “scribe” to handle each doctor’s charting tasks for them.

For those of you in private practice, the “scribe” approach isn’t very appealing as it requires you to hire another full-time employee in the face of  ever-shrinking reimbursement.  It also means your patients have to deal with the humility issues of another person in the exam room with them.

Our EMR Transcription service offers the same end result for a fraction of the price.  You get a fully structured entry in your chart covering your entire visit, including the free-form typing and the data-entry tasks that consume so much of your time.  All you do is dictate (well documented as the fastest way to record a visit).

Read Dr. Minor’s article on EMR Burnout here:  Doctors are burning out because electronic medical records are broken